Our philosophy is to provide the best care and education for children from international backgrounds to prepare them for future challenges wherever they may be.

In The English Playhouse we place a strong emphasis on individual approach to each child. We believe children learn and grow  best in a  playful environment as well as safety of age appropriate daily routine. We nurture each child’s individual personality and we believe that children’s emotional, social, academic and physical needs are of equal importance.

Agnieszka Weston
Founder and Director of TEP Education

Agnieszka has a Master’s Degree in Pedagogy from Warsaw University. She has also completed post-graduate studies in Preschool Education. Agnieszka's main theses were on ‘Bilingual children’ and ‘Emotional Development’. Agnieszka has considerable experience in teaching young children as well as running and managing an educational establishment. She is very driven and committed to professional development, both in education and leading the team of the teachers and assistants in her preschool.

Deputy Director

Justyna has been part of the team since 2003. She started her career in the preschool as an assistant and upon completion of her MA in Pedagogy Studies in 2006 became a group teacher.  She has also completed the postgraduate studies in Management in Education. Justyna has worked with all age groups and gained experience in the UK in preschools and primary schools around Edinburgh. Since 2009 Justyna has been in charge of the operations and admissions programme of the preschool.

Early Years Coordinator

Kinga joined The English Playhouse as a teacher for the 3+ group in 2007. She holds a MA in Marketing and Management and BA in English Philology. Kinga has continued to develop professionally doing further postgraduate studies in Pedagogy in Preschool Education and also in Teaching English to Young Children. She has constantly widened her horizons by participating in various workshops, seminars and conferences both in Poland and in Great Britain. With her experience and significant organisational and communication skills, Kinga has contributed a lot to both creating and coordinating the educational environment at our school.

Office Manager

Upon completion of her MA in Sociology from Warsaw University and taking up scholarship in Munich at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, she worked for 7 years in a marketing agency as a marketing planner strategist.
She has  participated in many trainings and workshops gaining considerable knowledge and experience on building marketing communication, achieving excellence in client service and team-working.  Jagoda rejoined The English Playhouse as she used to work here as an assistant during her studies. As Office Manager, she mainly administers the finances, coordinates After School Clubs, supports HR and marketing and participates in event planning.

Faculty and administrative staff are carefully chosen for their ability to reflect the values of our preschool. All of our teachers are fluent in English. Many among our teachers have UK experience and some of them hold diplomas from various UK universities and professional development courses. In addition we hire highly qualified support staff such as a speech therapist, psychologist, music, gymnastics, PE and language teachers to supplement our educational team.

We accept children from the age of 1 who can continue their education at our primary school called The English Primary .

Our classrooms are home to a wide variety of nationalities, and whilst we place great importance on the English language, we encourage children to embrace their own nationalities and share information about their home countries with their classmates which can be interesting and fun for all. The majority of our children come from the international community,  such as embassies and international companies based in Warsaw

We understand that it is often challenging for families to move to a new country, make new friends, to learn a new language and discover how things work in their new country. We make a special effort to warmly welcome new students and help them quickly settle into their new school. We strive to accommodate new parents in the best possible way by putting them in touch with relevant international groups and other parents in the school from the same nationality. Whilst there is no formal parent-teacher association, there is a friendly group of mums meeting on a regular basis, with and without their children. 

As a formally registered educational institution we regularly undergo checks to meet strict health and safety regulations. 

We provide a safe and comfortable environment for our children. Our classrooms, play areas and eating areas are well equipped and certified. All our buildings have indoor and outdoor spaces for free play and other activities. Our classrooms combine the most up-to-date learning materials, comprehensive arts and crafts materials, educational games and toys designed to stimulate their imagination.

Our schools are located in the heart of two prime residential, yet quiet and green, areas in the South of the City (Mokotów and Wilanów).

The school's curriculum is based on the Early Years’ Foundation programme set out by the British Government's Department for Education and Skills. It also follows the requirements of the Polish Ministry of Education.

This takes children through key stages of learning and development according to their abilities.

The areas of learning are:

Using the Oxford Reading Tree and Jolly Phonics literacy systems, our older children make huge progress with reading and writing. We use the Abacus materials to introduce them to simple numeracy.

As the English curriculum is known for its emphasis on literacy and numeracy development from an early age, we ensure this is done in a fun and creative way adapting to children's abilities and personalities.